About Us

Doctor Doctor is a project led by Lostock Hall Medical Centre (LHMC) devised by LHMC Practice Manager, David Pearson, as part of its vision to create a holistic health and well-being community centre at its new home at Dardsley, recognising the historic importance of the building in community life and health.


The project is a partnerhip with Lancashire County Council Museums and is made possible by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project is contributing to the Story of Our Lives project celebrating 70 years of the NHS. www.nhs70.org.uk


We are grateful for the advice and support being provided by the NHS at 70 Story Of Our Lives project at the University of Manchester.

The Project Co-ordinator for Doctor Doctor is Belinda Scarlett and Researcher is Gill Coward.


The Lead GP for LHMC is Dr Ewa Craven


Further Thank Yous

We are very grateful for memories, objects, documents and photographs provided by members of the local community especially:

Sheila Tyrer, Dorothy Blackburn, Gillian Bennett, Keith Coles, Graham Hayes, Faye Cohen and all the participants in the films that we produced.