Dardsley - World War II and Aftermath

On 27th October 1940 bombs hit Ward Street and Princess Street in Lostock Hall killing 25 people and injuring many more. Survivors and their families say that Dr Sharples and Dr Cohen attended to the wounded.


Dr Cohen served in the Royal Medical Corps, returning to work at Dardsley after the war had ended.


Dr Sydney Sharples was driven to home visits by his chauffeur Fred Brown who lived in the bungalow next door. Fred also looked after the large garden.

In April 1948, Dr Sydney Sharples died from cancer aged 65.

In June 1951, Dr Sharples widow, Jenny, sold Dardsley to the Joint Pricing Committee For England (NHS).

Dr Cohen subsequently established a practice on Coote Lane.

07 Fred Brown gardening.jpg

Fred cutting the grass

08 Dr Sidney Sharples[2310].jpg

Dr Sydney Sharples