DOCTOR-DOCTOR – What people have said

Faye Cohen, 98 year old widow of Dr Sydney Cohen – “Talking about all this made me feel young again!”


Barbara Lee, Covid vaccination film interviewee – “The film made me appreciate my local area and the part it has played in a world pandemic. It gave me a new understanding of the stories I had heard as a child about the Spanish Flu Epidemic”


Jill Gray, NHS Pharmacist – “I just watched the video you have made about the vaccination centre at Penwortham. What a brilliant snapshot of this important part of our history. I will show my children in years to come with a lot of pride at what we all achieved.”


Jonathan Bridges, NHS Chorley & Preston CCG Communications Lead – “The video is brilliant and tells a really good story of the various involvements. It’s a credit to you and the surgery that you’ve now got this fantastic film to tell the tale of this historic moment in time.”


Sheila Tyrer, star of Prescription Pricing Film – “I am proud to be in the little video. It has brought back so many happy memories for me.”


Mabel Hartley, Dardsley film contributor – “Many of our friends who are in the 80 age group said it brought back many happy memories. A wonderful and interesting exhibition.”


Marina McNulty, Doctors in Lostock Hall film contributor – “With lockdown I have not seen many people, but everyone I have spoken to thought it was very good and so did I.”


Terry McNulty, Doctors in Lostock Hall film contributor – “Very interesting. Brought back memories of my childhood visiting Dardsley and also being visited at home by Dr Sharples & Cohen”


David Tuson, patient – “Well done. It is something to be proud of, also I think it is a must for our practice”


Graham Hayes, patient – “A well thought out project that engaged the whole community.”


Daisy McGough, patient – “It would likely allow local residents to feel more in touch with the past of their local area, as well as enable connections to be made between long-standing residents and new arrivals.” 


Matthew Trafford, local councillor - “Really positive to see the surgery’s platform being used to engage with the wider community.”


Alison Aspin, worked at Prescription Pricing – “Having lived and worked in Lostock Hall most of my adult life, I was fascinated by the history, in depth research and artefacts – particularly those relating to Dardsley and its occupants through the years.”